Carpentry & Home Improvements

Carpentry & Home Improvements in Farmington Valley & Litchfield County

We have truly become a one-stop shop. From carpentry, to roofing, to gutters, to skylight installation, we can handle just about anything. We are committed to putting the client first, and we strive to create strong and lasting relationships with everyone we work with. 
Craftsman cutting a wooden plank with a circular saw in a workshop in New Hartford


Greg has done extensive carpentry work from re-designing sections of homes to stop ice & snow traps, to replacing rafters. We understand that your home is an investment of your time and money, which is why we work thoroughly and precisely to produce a top quality product. We strive to exceed your expectations!


We are also skilled in installing skylights. Skylights can add a great deal to the aesthetics of your house, and we can help counsel you on the best place top put a skylight for its optimal use.  A skylight can provide you the lighting you house has always needed, and we listen closely to your needs to make sure we install it just how you want it.  Give us a call today!
Skylight on a tiled roof


Doesn't it always seem like there is something that needs fixing or a quick repair? We understand that just about everything needs a little tune up every now and then, which is why we are always available to repair whatever material you need. For over 60 years we have helped fix and repair just about everything. There isn't much we can't do!
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